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At Lokahi, we want to introduce you to our passion and share our experiences in all the stand up paddle styles that we offer: Discover, Touring, Wave, Race, and Harmony. Our philosophy and objective is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to practice this sport. We have developed our products in direct collaboration with our riders. We have made our products affordable, multifunctional, and high performing so that each stand up paddler can find a board that fits his or her expectations and style. Whether it be in the research of new materials or in new shapes and designs, with more than 20 years of experience in the surfing world, we have never stopped exploring new possibilities.
Produits trouvés: 8

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Lokahi We Canoa Air 12'6 X 30

Prix:  CHF799.00

Lokahi Pack W.E Rider 10'6 + paddle 20% + leash

Prix:  CHF829.00

Lokahi Rame 3 pieces 20%

Prix:  CHF129.00

Lokahi W.E Rider Air 10' X 33 X 5

Prix:  CHF689.00

Lokahi W.E Rider Air 10'6 X 33 X 5

Prix:  CHF699.00

Lokahi W.E Rider Air 9'5 X 31 X 5

Prix:  CHF669.00

Lokahi We Canoa Air 11' X 32 X 6

Prix:  CHF779.00

Occasion Lokahi Aka Entry Crossover 10'6

Prix:  CHF750.00


Produits trouvés: 8