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Mistral Sup

With as much passion and conviction that it used to make windsurfing big, Mistral is now also conquering the coast with the amazingly popular Stand Up Paddle surfing (SUP): the latest new water sport! At full power and speed in the breakers, as a daily work-out or as relaxed paddling with friends; SUP provides a new challenge to both fanatics and just-for-funners. Mistral offers a complete range of innovative SUP boards, suitable for every level and every type of water. Check out our new onedesign class for i-sup race inflatable boards.
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Mistral I sup Equipe Ultralight 12'6

Prix:  CHF1,799.00

Mistral Paddle Carbon Bamboo 1 piece

Prix:  CHF479.00

MISTRAL Sup Paddle Carbon 3 pieces

Prix:  CHF499.00

Mistral Sup Paddle Carbon small blade

Prix:  CHF329.00

Mistral Sup Paddle composite 3 pieces

Prix:  CHF169.00

Mistral Windsup Segel Kit complet 4.5m2

Prix:  CHF649.00

Mistral Windsup Segel Kit complet 5.8m2

Prix:  CHF699.00


Produits trouvés: 7