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Nixon offers a variety of watches within various styles and classes for both Men and Women. Though once categorized by a system of "classes" (such as business, elite, etc.), products are now divided into men's, women's, and the elite classes. Nixon watches vary greatly in their functions and style. Many watches have been taken out of production either completely or replaced by a similar style of watch. Many of the watches that are currently in production have different styles for that particular model, such as different band materials and varying face designs.
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Nixon 42-20 Tide Black

Prix:  CHF599.00

Nixon Kensington Leather Rose Gold / white

Prix:  CHF199.00

Nixon Supertide Seaform/Magenta/Yellow

Prix:  CHF249.00

Nixon The 42-20 Tide

Prix:  CHF599.00

Nixon The 48-20 Chrono Leather Natural / Black

Prix:  CHF459.00

Nixon The Banks Gunmétal

Prix:  CHF525.00

Nixon The Kensington Leather Black Patent

Prix:  CHF160.00

Nixon The Kensington Leather Blue

Prix:  CHF160.00

Nixon The Kensington Leather White

Prix:  CHF160.00

Nixon The Mellor Denim

Prix:  CHF175.00

Nixon The Monarch Gold Molasse

Prix:  CHF385.00

Nixon The Sentry Leather

Prix:  CHF225.00

Produits trouvés: 12